Medical Tourism Congress

“Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Conference Korea 2010"

Dear Delegates

Millions of Patients travel around the world each year engaging in medical tourism and global healthcare.  Patients are traveling for medical care, dental care and cosmetic surgery as well as executive health checkups.  Governments, insurance companies and employers around the world are realizing the benefits of allowing patients access to travel for the healthcare of their choice.

Asia is one of the first regions in the world to promote medical tourism and create a brand name for itself for having affordable and high quality healthcare and receives a majority of the medical tourism patients traveling throughout the world.

Seoul, Korea is one the emerging leading destinations for medical tourism and global healthcare in the world.  The 1st Asia Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress will take place April, 13-15th,  2010 in Seoul, Korea as a joint initiative between the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Korean Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI).

The 1st Global Healthcare & Medical Tourism Korea Congress will feature up to 800 attendees from over 25 countries and will focus on the high quality of healthcare available in Asia. It will also bring together the stakeholders involved in Asian medical tourism for intense networking event and educational opportunities.

Conference Highlights

  • Up To 800 Attendees
  • US Health Insurance Companies and Insurance Providers Invited
  • Industry Players From Over 25 countries
  • Highlighting The High Quality Of Care Available In Asia Korea
  • The Top Medical Tourism Facilitators Invited

“Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism Conference Korea is organized in partnership between KHIDI and MTA. MTA is not responsible or involved with any registration fees or monies, sponsorship or exhibitor fees or monies.KHIDI is collecting and handling all monies in relation to this conference, and attendees, sponsors or exhibitors shall solely deal with KHIDI in regards to any payments or refunds.”

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